The Scott-St. Louis Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) is pleased to announce its annual call for scholarship/grant applications and outstanding teacher nominations. We are an active sponsor of higher education in hard sciences, mathematics, information technology, and engineering. As part of the national AFCEA organization we support a comprehensive program of scholarships promoting all-around academic excellence.

Last year, the chapter awarded $45,000 in scholarships and grants to college-bound students and local area educators. The Scott-St. Louis Chapter scholarship program fosters interest in technology fields. It presents an ideal opportunity for member companies to take an active role in addressing the well-documented challenges associated with the shortage of skilled technology workers. Applicants must be (or plan to be) enrolled in programs or pursuing classes related to electronics, electronic communications, electrical engineering, information systems, computer science or technology, physics, or mathematics.

Applications will be accepted for consideration until 19 April 2019. All correspondence must be postmarked by this date. Scholarships/grants and teacher awards will be presented at the Scott-St. Louis AFCEA Midwest Cyber Symposium in June 2019.

The scholarship program has a number of eligibility requirements and selection criteria that need to be considered when applying:

  1. United States citizen
  2. Resident or student within the St. Louis or Metro East area
  3. High school senior accepted to an accredited college or university (or) a college student attending an accredited college or university
  4. Majoring in a program related to electronics, electronic communications, electrical engineering, information systems, computer science or technology, physics, or mathematics
  5. Winners of full tuition scholarships are NOT eligible.   If a student is selected for an AFCEA scholarship and learns of selection for full tuition scholarship from another source the AFCEA scholarship check will be returned to the AFCEA Scholarship Committee Chair and/or AFCEA Treasurer.
  6. Scholarship applicants must be full-time students or part-time active military

To be considered, the following must be provided: Completed application mailed to the AFCEA P.O. Box by required date (postage is applicant’s responsibility – recommend weighing your package for proper postage).  Also include a copy of transcript(s) certified by education institution sealed by their stamp.  Additionally, if selected for a scholarship please note if the student does not want to be publically identified in local newspapers or other awards ceremony publications.   This will have no effect on the evaluation of the qualifications or criteria for grant or scholarship selection.

If you have any questions during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Scholarships Chair, Mr. Lance Litteken, at

Scholarship/Grant Applications: