PRESIDENT.  The Chapter President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Chapter and shall perform the duties usual to that office.  The President shall be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.  The president shall preside at the meetings of the Chapter, and the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee.  The Chapter President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and of all subcommittees. The prior year VP of Programs shall be the President-Elect the following year.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR PROGRAMS.  This position assists the Chapter President in executing the strategy and tactical programs for the Chapter.  It is rotated annually between government and corporate, this year the nominee will be from government (military or government civilian).  This position is also be responsible for acquiring speakers for luncheons, awards banquets, and assisting all other Chapter officers with their Special Functions and fund raisers.  The Vice President Programs shall assume the duties of the Chapter President during the Chapter President’s absence.

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.  The Secretary will retain a permanent copy of minutes and a copy distributed to members of the Board of Directors.  In addition, the Secretary shall attend to all general correspondence under the direction of the President or Executive Committee, shall keep a roll of membership including the address of each member and past Presidents, shall prepare all reports required, and shall perform other duties that pertain to the office. The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of all Chapter meetings. Minutes should include items discussed, decisions made, and all other business conducted.

WEBMASTER.  The website is hosted by AFCEA International and runs on a Drupal 7 platform.  The Webmaster will maintain and update the chapter website as requested by the Executive Committee. Previous experience not required, just a willingness to learn.

TREASURER.  The Treasurer shall be comptroller of finances and accounts of the Chapter under direction of the Executive Committee, and shall publish an annual report and such special reports as may be called for by the Executive Committee. The accounts of the Chapter shall be audited annually by an independent auditor appointed by the Chapter President.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR MEMBERSHIP.  This position shall promote the Association and Chapter Activities with the goal of increasing the membership. The Vice President Membership shall establish a network of key persons from each firm, company, military organization or group of individuals who are interested in advancing the objectives of the Association and shall also recruit members of the Membership Committee.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS.  This position shall publicize all Chapter activities and shall work closely with the Vice President Programs to ensure that upcoming Chapter events are properly covered by the local news media. The Vice President Public Affairs shall photograph significant events at each Chapter activity and submit pictures and accompanying articles to the Association International Headquarters for publication in SIGNAL Magazine.  The Vice President Public Affairs shall also solicit individuals to write articles for SIGNAL Magazine. The Vice President Public Affairs is encouraged to appoint an assistant in order to assure coverage of all Chapter events.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR ENLISTED AFFAIRS.  This position shall provide the enlisted perspective to the Chapter on matters affecting the enlisted members. This includes canvassing enlisted members and potential members for ideas on Chapter improvement as well as response to Chapter events and programs. The Vice President Enlisted Affairs will also recommend enlisted members for Chapter Enlisted Member scholarships, serve on the Enlisted Scholarships Selection Committee, make recommendations for AFCEA awards, and serve in other capacities affecting the enlisted membership, as applicable.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR SCHOLARSHIPS.  The Vice President Scholarships will chair the Scholarship Committee and direct the committee to solicit nominationsfor scholarships, and then select and award of scholarships at a scholarship awards dinner. The scholarships shall be awarded to candidates enrolled in accredited degree-granting colleges or universities in the United States.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR YOUNG AFCEA.   The Vice President Young AFCEAN Affairs shall be an individual 35 years of age or under who is currently a member of the Chapter in good standing, who will act as liaison between the Executive Committee and fellow Chapter Young AFCEANS.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR SMALL BUSINESS & DIVERSITY.  The Vice President Small Business & Diversity, shall provide perspective to the Chapter on matters affecting the small business and diversity. This includes canvassing small business and diversity organizations for ideas on Chapter improvement as well as response to Chapter events and programs.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR AWARDS.  This role shall administer the Chapter Awards program and be responsible for all Chapter award submissions. The Vice President for Awards shall become familiar with the award types, structure, due dates, special qualifications, solicit nominations from the Chapter membership and assist members in completing the required forms.  See the Chapter Awards Program Guideline for more detail.  This role will also assist with the Southern Illinois Regional Science Fair and secure a committee with judges, provide them with guidelines for judging and ensure the spirit of AFCEA mentorship is executed during this contest of our junior scientist.  This role may also involve other special young scientist activities and support during the year including National Science Fair support of our young scientists.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR CONFERENCES AND SPECIAL EVENTS.  These roles shall be dedicated throughout the year to the promotion and development of the AFCEA Technet Conference and shall represent the Chapter’s financial, technical information sharing and training for this event.   It will also plan and gather  a committee to execute a fund raising Golf event.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR AWARDS BANQUET.  This role shall be dedicated throughout the year to the promotion, planning, development and execution of the AFCEA Annual Awards Banquet and the planning and seating for each luncheon.